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New Administrator - Lewis - 10-18-2018

Hello IdeaGamers,

I'd like to keep you all in the know about our leadership, so I am happy to announce that Envis10n is now a IdeaGaming administrator. Over the past few months or so, Envis10n has gone from being an active user to an excellent moderator and developer. He has demonstrated intelligence, loyalty, patience, dedication and many other positive qualities. Envis10n also has an intrinsic ability to deal with basically all situations exactly as is appropriate. In other words, Envis10n has shown that even if it's not in the staff documentation, he knows how to handle it.

This means that Envis10n is an Administrator on our game servers and also has elevated forum permissions. He will now be able to assist you in the same way that xKittenCatx and Joosan can. Envis10n does not yet have an email address, but will be receiving one in the future. In the meantime, you can receive support from him just as effectively by PMing him on the forums or messaging him in game or on our Discord server. If you ever need help and prefer to PM staff on the forums or Discord rather than emailing us, then you may want to PM Envis10n rather than me. Although I process all emails, I don't always keep up with my private messages on the forums.

I hope this information is helpful, and I couldn't be more excited to have Envis10n as an administrator!